August 4, 2011

Is this day really here?!?!

Was it really a year ago today that I was doing this???

It seems as if it were yesterday that He and I were doing things like this...

And this...

And being immature, crazy, and lovin' life, like this...

But now He's doing this...

And I've been busy doing this...

And it seems unreal that time has flown by, fast as lightning, since this...

The uphill sure has been fun, but I have a feeling that the downhill will be much much much more exciting. Cheers to missions, missionaries, and time flying!!! (I think writing letter deserves some cheers also). YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE!!!! I am a happy, happy girl today :)


  1. aw. love this! I cant wait for this day to come for me......Feels like its never gonna come though!! Love you :)

  2. Adorable Blog Post! Dinner was so fun yesterday! love you riki

  3. You almost had me in tears. This is my favorite blog post. I love you Rik.

  4. Did I almost cry? YEP! I love this post... TOO MUCH. I miss Ry&I can't believe it's been a YEEEAAARRR!!!!

  5. The last picture is my favorite. I want a copy :)