March 18, 2012

Sup diggity dog?!

Okay. I fully realize that...
1. I should be reported for neglecting and failing to care for this little blog of mine.
2. The pictures on my last post didn't show up (if you didn't catch my drift...I'm moving to Romania in August)
Aaaaaand 3. well....I guess there isn't a #3... those 2 things are the only things I have fully realized in the last 5 minutes. (Unless you count me fully realizing that I ate way to much crap today and my stomach very well may be stuffed to it's limits. Which is making me mad at myself for not having self control when it comes to my mother's cinnamon rolls...but to be honest, I feel completely satisfied. My taste buds aren't mad, my fat-loving thighs might not be jumping for joy...but whatevs, we can't all be happy, can we?)


What's up guys? How's it going? Are you still even there? Or have you given up all hope that I will ever update my blog ever again in a million years?! If you are reading this. I commend you. Thanks for sticking with me, what true friends you are. You knew I'd come around sometime, didn't you? Welp! Here I am. Full force. You better believe I'll be updating this baby 5 times a day!! Hahahaha. Jokes. But I'll be better. Hopefully.

Here's some snapshots of a little thingy I did for mi amiga. She needed someone to take pictures of, and heck! Who doesn't want a personal photo-shoot of themselves? No one, the answer is no one. Enjoy.


  1. YAY for you posting. Always love it when it shows up on my recently updated...even though it is NEVER!!! and have got to stop skipping church! Love you :)

  2. Hey Rik,
    Just wanted to say you're awesome! I love you and thanks for posting.