August 12, 2014

The ol' man is 50!

^^hey there, mykey! 

My Dadio turned 50 yesterday.
and we had a big surprise party to celebrate!
Although, I wouldn't call it much of a surprise...I think my mom slipped about 5 million times before the actual party even happened.
Note to everyone: My mom is the worst surprise keeper. (ever!)
hahaha it's so funny to all of us kids.
Like mother, dad is probably NOT the person you want to talk to about regarding all of his closest friends home addresses...he'll probably think you're sending out invitations to a surprise party for him  or something. :)
Anyway, regardless of if it was a surprise or not, we still had a seriously great time.
Mom may or may not be able to keep secrets, but she sure can plan a mean party!
and my dad!
he's so great and I love him.
It was cool to see a room full of people who admire him so much.
What a super night celebrating a super guy!
Happy Birthday, Dad!
You're a 10 for 10 kind of guy and the most selfless person I know.
Love you long time!

Also, I put together this video of my family as a little present for my Dad.
I love how it turned out.
Gets me all types of laugh-y and cry-y whenever I watch it.
Freak, I have the best family.
and a big shout out to Hans Magleby for making the watching of this video possible!
We had some serious technical difficulties last night when we tried to show it at the party and he. was. clutch. 

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  1. I'm the WORST, I know.....but you are right - we have the best family!!!!! EVA!!!!

  2. It was a great party and your video was awesome!