July 17, 2015

Spring Break 2015

For Spring Break, B and I decided to just get away.
It had been a crazy busy year with his school and my work/dance schedule. 
Being on the Jazz, it's hard to take vacations. 
I mean, we're allowed time off, but the stress of missing practice (and having to learn all the dances from a video taken on an iphone and sent to you via text and having them perfectly learned by the time you show up to the next practice) is just SOO stressful!
Like, beats the purpose of even going on vacation. You feel?

Sadly, Spring Break landed on the last week of the Jazz season.
So I didn't get to dance at the last games, and get thank-you flowers, and do our end of year "solo" stuff.
Which was okay (at the time) because I thought I was going to do Jazz for one more season. (but totally turns out, i'm not! - more on that later). 
aaaaand they had some random blonde chick do my solo part at the game. 
So if you happened to be at that game and the announcer said "Rikiiiii Saaaanfooorrd!", 
and some tiny-sized, blonde chick came out and did a solo...I'm sure you put two and two together and realized that that DEFINITELY wasn't me :)

Lucky, Vegas and California were just. so. good. that I was sad about missing Jazz stuff for about point five seconds. 
B and I hit up Vegas for a few days (man I love free time with my man, we laughed and ate and shopped and napped and loved every second of it!) then we headed to California where we met our good friends Mitchy and Meggy. 

I feel like I post about California a lot (too much?). 
Too many beach pics.
Is that a thing?
They say too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
I say too much of the beach is just good for the soul.

This vacation was a real good one.
Now, enjoy a crizapp load of pictures. 
^^B is a lover of frisbee and I'm soooo bad at it! I think one of his life goals is to make me a good frisbee partner. 
^^ one of our favorite things to do in California is house hunt. We found the sweetest house this time right next to the sweetest secret garden type thing and it was all just so sweet. 

 ^^Meggy's hair looks bomb. 
 ^^ we tried to do a shoulder sit for a picture and literally fell over cuz I guess we're really uncoordinated people when it comes to shoulder sits and stuff. 
Grateful for good friends and fun vacations.

Have a happy weekend, friends!

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