October 2, 2011

Cool Chill Chaotic Competitive Consuming Conference Craziness...

I think we can all agree that General Conference is a BOMB weekend. It sure is at the Laws Residence!

First, G.N.O.
It has always been a tradition to go to dinner with my cute cousins. We went to Thai Drift last night (the best Thai restaurant in the whole world), and ate an embarrassing LARGE amount of food. The conversation, company, and of course the food was great!

Today we all cuddled up with our blankets to watch the Sunday sessions of Conference. As tradition goes, in between sessions we have a massive pillow fight. It gets crazy!! I'll admit that some of it is fun, but mostly I'm just terrified through the whole thing. My brothers have no mercy when it comes to beating Nik and I up and we always come out of it with major battle wounds.

Both of my friends Taylor Woodward and Taylor Goodman joined us for conference today so.....they got to join in with all the fun! Aka: pillow fights, handstand contests, pyramid building, stunting, dinner with the fam, and sleeping through the 2nd session. Hee hee just kidding...I actually took notes the whole time!

It was a great weekend. I loved hearing the words of prophets and spending time with people I love!

And.....here's just a picture to make you laugh...and sure, you can cringe at the pain I felt if you want.

Somehow during the pillow smackdown, T-wood managed to give me the biggest wiggie ever.


  1. Conference was amazing. Looks like it was extra amazing at your house though. Cute undies!

  2. i'm just surprised that you were actually wearing underwear.... ;)