October 24, 2011

I was a mother of 4...

 I babysat the Astle kiddos while their parents went out of town. Let me tell you...these kids are my favorite kids in the whole world.  I wouldn't mind being a mother of 4 this instant if my kids were exactly like them.  We spent the weekend wearing ourselves out with playtime 24/7. 

  We went to the BYU game until they got bored.
 Little Sophie got bored about 5 minutes into the game, but somehow we managed to get her stay until halftime.

 We went to yogurtland...a favorite treat, and basically a tradition when I babysit them.
 I wish I could say this was all the sugar they got alllllll weekend. But I basically let them eat whatever they wanted. Look how nasty that yogurt looks though!! Sugar Galore!!!
 Fat cats was a hit. Johnny beat us all, even me. BUT he had bumpers people, I didn't!! Oh well. I gave him a dollar for winning, and of course he got more junk food from the vending machine...like they already hadn't already been eating like crap all weekend.
 Look how cute they look in their church clothes! I thought it took me a long time to get ready every Sunday for church...imagine getting 4 kids ready too! I have a whole new appreciation for mothers that get to church on time.
 We took their scooters up Provo canyon and road them down to a park. The leaves were unreal!

 I packed them a nice picnic of my wonderful cooking. PB&J's at their best. aaaand some more junk food, naturally.
 We played kickball, frisbee, 500, and whatever else we could think up. Poor Soph kept getting hurt. I think this picture was taken right after she wanted to be pitcher for kickball and her brother, Nicco, kicked the ball straight at her cute face.
The weekend was the best. I love you Astle kids!!

PS. Midterms are over and I want to do a little jiggy dance right now because I'm so giddy. Tonight I didn't do any homework, or studying, or test taking, or anything related to school. If that doesn't deserve a jiggy dance, I don't know what does.

PSS. What the heck is a jiggy dance? I've never used that term in my life.

PPS. How are you guys liking the new layout of my blog? The picture of me is waaaaay too big. But I don't know how to make it smaller. Technology dweeb here. Help?!

PPSS. I apologize for all my spelling errors in the past and here on out. I'm always too lazy to go back and edit it super good. (well?)


  1. Basically you are beautiful rik. i love your blog. I love the new layout. don't do a jiggy dance..that just sounds weird so who knows how it would look! haha. love you lots

  2. I use to have 4 amazing, fun, crazy, beautiful kids I babysat too!! Looks like you had a blast with them.