December 1, 2011

Glad they put up with me.

ME: "When are you going to open those pretzel M&M's Nik?? They've been sitting on your dresser for the last 2 months!"
NIK: "I don't want to open them because as soon as I do, I know you're going to eat them all."

ME: "Nik, I opened your M&M's. I think I ate them all. Don't be mad. It was an accident."
NIK: "RIIIIIIIIK!!!!! I didn't open them because I knew this would happen!!!"
ME: "I just don't understand why you tried to prolong the inevitable..."
NIK: "I can't believe you ate all my treats, who are you?!"

ME: "Mom, who's your favorite child?"
MOM: "I don't have one."
ME: "Will you just say that I am? So I feel good about myself?"
MOM: "Sure Rik."

ME: "Nik, I'm sorry, but Mom said I was the favorite child."
NIK: "Actually, she told me that she doesn't have a favorite. But she did say that I was her smartest child, and that Myke was really funny, and Ryan is Athletic."
ME: "Oh ya?! What did she say about me?"
NIK: "She said you have nice hair."
ME: "oh."

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