December 6, 2011

Juice. A little Asian boy. And a failure of a daughter.

My mom came home with TONS of juice the other day. She's went of diet coke and feels the need to substitute its absence with every kind of juice known to man. She was so proud of all her good selections that she displayed them on the counter for all of us. She's a hoot! Stupid brother kept knocking a carton down every time I tried to take a picture though...

So...sister-in-law took action and made it possible for me to get a picture with all the juice boxes standing up. This seriously makes me laugh everytime I see it, this soooo wasn't staged. Go Aubz!
....Dad?? Are you trying to shoot mom???

Yesterday at dance, a little Asian boy stopped by. How sweet.

I HATE to decorate. Hate it. It causes me stress when my mom asks "does this picture look better here? or...*moves it 0.5 millimeters*... here?". Our house is beautifully decorated thanks to mother, and I feel like a failure of a daughter because I don't share the same love of decorating with her. So, to compensate for my lack of interior design skills, I show my support by shopping with her and Nik and carrying everything around for them. If that's not love, I don't know what is.


  1. I know what you mean with the whole daughter failure thing... I can't stand to decorate.

  2. So funny. I was the same way. I loved the decorations just hated doing it. Now that I have my own house and such though, it is so much fun. I like it now. Maybe it will change for you too!

  3. Bahahaha. Little asian boy...