January 6, 2013

Current obsession.


And making crafts.

Maybe it's the fact that in 11 days I'll have my own home.
Or that B likes to do crafty things with me.
Or maybe it's because water coloring is the cheapest and funnest date ever.

But whatever it is...it's crazy.
I suddenly have the urge to create and make things like it's no ones business.

B's perfect because he helps me do stuff. And introduces me to places like HOBBY LOBBY.
Why have I never been there?!
The lover boy took me there twice yesterday.
Gosh I love him.
Can't wait to decorate our little love shack together.


  1. If you'd get a pinterest you'd have a ton more ideas for your cute new house...

  2. You had never been to Hobby Lobby?! That is like my most favorite store! Glad B is helping you out!