January 23, 2013

Hello from the Mrs.

Oh heeey!
I'm back.
And married.

and behind on school.

and you should see my desk at work.

and I'm living out of a suit case.

and eating cereal for every meal.

but I'm just the happiest of all happy's.
Because why?????
Cuz' I'm married!

I fully plan on doing a million posts about the wedding.
The dress, decorations, pictures, you know? The whole sha-bang.
But until then...here are some highlights of my last 2 days as a wifey.

Today I came home to notes all over the Love Shack.

Also, Mr. Sanfy installed some new blinds into the living room.

We're both WAY too obsessed with making our little house a place we LOVE.
So instead of using our time to grocery shop, we try to put the place together.
That way we can sit by cute pillows (thank you Target) while we talk about how hungry we are.
Priorities peeps.

Last night, B waited patiently on the couch for me while I got ready for bed.
When I was done, he sat me down by him, cuddle me up in a blanket, and told me we were going to read the Book of Mormon together.
It totally took me by surprise.
But I loved every second of it.
I sense a bedtime ritual in the making.
Gosh I love that kid.  

He also lets me wear his clothes.
Boy has style.

Oh! And the other night, Lover Boy said the prayer.
..."we're so grateful for each other, and that we get to have soooooo much FUN!!!!"
I tried not to giggle. Failed miserably. Then deemed our first prayer together a great one.

All in all. Married life is ia good life. Especially if you married Blake Sanford. He's the coolest and we do the coolest things.

We talk.
We laugh.
We share stuff.
We are best friends.
and We. Make. Love.


Life is good.
so so so so so so good.



  1. I think this is the cutest post I have ever read on a blog :-)

  2. You are seriously the best ever :) So so happy for you!!! Love you girl

  3. This post is so stinking cute! Congrats on your marriage!

  4. You are so cute! I hope you had a most perfect wedding day and I love your new decor-very cute! Glad to hear you are one happy married lady! Love ya!