February 7, 2013

THE engagement pics.

Let me tell you.
I have ALWAYS wanted to get married in the winter. 
Don't ask me why, but something about the cold just gets me.
(and something about not wanting to be a sweat ball in the summer standing in the receiving line outside (because if you get married in the spring or summer you HAVE to have your reception outside, duh) hugging all my friends and family while apologizing for the hot weather and sweaty armpits as my wedding makeup slowly drips off my face).
No thank you.
It's just that I have an abnormal body that loves to overheat like allllll the time.
Can you say sweat fest?
So basically a winter wedding is perfect. 
Except for the picture taking part. 
I was nervous about this. 
Let's be honest...a tree full of blossoms looks a heck of a lot prettier than a dead tree in the winter.
Luckily, we got a bomb photographer that made us look good, even in the frigid cold. 
(I'm serious you guys....B and I were numb, numb, numb by the time we were done).
So one big fat THANK YOU to Alixann Loosle Photography...
you make dead trees look good and freezing people look warm as a snickerdoodle straight out of the oven.

How about a picture overload?
See you tomorrow!
We're talking wedding cakes. 


  1. I just can't get over how absolutely beautiful you are! You should be a model! You are a cute couple!