February 21, 2013

Got myself a piano man.

Three things you should know.

1. Our house is now the proud babysitter of an upright Yamaha piano for the next few years.

2. Yesterday I finally cashed in my high school graduation present from my parents and now have my very own copy of all my favorite piano books and sheet music that I have grown up playing for the last 15 years.

3. B's biggest regret in life so far is that he quit piano lessons.

So what?

Soooo....add those three things together and you get a husband with all this new music and an insane urge to get really really good at the piano.

It's 1:30 am and I'm laying on our mattress (which is still in our living room...right next to the piano) watching B practice a song, then brush his teeth, then practice his song again, then eat some food, then practice his song again, then get ready for bed, then practice his song again, then leave the room, then come back in with a torn face "Rik...I'm conflicted, I know I have to go to sleep...but I REALLY need to practice my song!"

Hahaha it was the cutest thing. No lie. It's funny to watch his face light up when he hits the right notes and hear him yell "did you HEAR that?!", when he does an especially good job.

I basically had to drag his butt to bed last night so we could both get some sleep....but I hope this phase lasts for a long long time. And so far so good. Tonight I have to teach dance from 5-10 and when he figured that out he said "ohhhh yaaaa...you know what I'll be doing all night, practicing my piano".

Practice on babe, practice on.

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