February 8, 2013

THE cake{s}.

The cakes. Easiest thing of my life! 

1. Because I already knew what I wanted. 
2. Because I knew a girl that could make it happen. 
3. That girl makes cakes that are yummy, pretty, AND cheap. (can you say boo-ya?)

So without further ado, the cake, the other cake, and the other cake.

Serious perfection. 
We had a chocolate nutella one.
A vanilla strawberry one. 
And a lemon one.
Unfortunety, I only got to try the lemon one... and I suppose "try" is used very loosly here as Mr. Sanfy and I didn't get much cake in our actual mouths. But I heard nothing but good things about how yummy they were, and I can't wait to crack open that lemony goodness on our one-year anniversary. (Does freezing it really work? Sounds a little crazy loco to me).

Good news! If you are in need of a cake maker for any occasion, you can contact Annie @ 801-319-8739. She is the sweetest thing and sooooo easy to work with. 
(ps...this is not paid advertising of ANY sort. Just me, sharing this awesome chica with the world...I can't hold her goodness in any longer!)

Also. Blake, my dad, and I (but mostly my dad, if we're being honest here), made the log cake stands that you see in the pictures. Since we're not planning on getting married ever (ever) again, someone else needs to put these babies to use! Contact me @ erikamlaws{at}gmail{dot}com if you are interested.

So, that's about it!
Eat cake kids, eat cake.
It's good for you.
So fetchin' good.

But wait.

First, look at me with this knife.
So scary.
So fetchin' scary.


  1. Mmm those cakes look so yummy. Especially the chocolate nutella one. And your dress is beautiful!


  2. I died at the last picture of you with the knife! Best photo ever.

  3. Yum! I love the log cake holder idea! So neat!!!