February 20, 2013

Thank you Mr. Presidents.

One big ol' shout out to Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Washington.
A day off in your behalf is the best possible way to celebrate. 
And this is how we did it. 
Celebrate, that is. 

I haven't been snowboarding in ages...and I'm like reeeallllly not that good.
 But it was a great day, with great friends!
(Thanks Joshua and Shelbs for hookin me up).
Minus the "get my snowboard caught under B's while getting off the ski lift on our last run resulting in a bruised butt and a cracked head and the reason for the stopped ski lift" incident.
You stopped the ski lift, Rik?!
I stopped the ski lift. 

But I deserved it. 
"B! Did you see those S turns?...yup, naaaailed em!" (insert fist pump here)
"You guys, I swear it....I seriously think I became a professional snowboarder over night, it's crazy."
"Hahahahahaha! You biffed it off the ski lift!"
"I can't believe I haven't fallen yet, this is unreal, unreal!"
"Gosh, I am the best snowboarder I know."

Actually said out loud?
Or just in my head?
I can't remember. 
Knowing me, I probably voiced it alllllll. 
Point is...
 I had it coming. 
Oh karma, you filthy animal.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Where did you guys go? I've been wanting to snowboard for a long time.