February 15, 2013

The day of lovers.

I have always loved Valentines day.
And now that I'm married, I can say that I love it even more. 
This is Mr. Sanfy's and I's (is that correct grammar?!) second Valentines Day together.
Last years was spent apart as he worked and I studied for a midterm. 
Then when we finally met up at 11:00 at night and I accidentally called him one of my ex-boyfriends name.
As amazing as last year's was...this year was bound to be a little better. 
aaaand you know what? 
It was. 
Leaps and lightyears better!
Despite the fact that I had to study for and take a midterm (I swear, midterms always end up on Lover's Day...as if school is more important than love. riiiiight), B still managed to make the day an amazing one. 

Woke up to this...

Then found a love note in my car.
Then walked into work to find this...

Then had lunch together at CPK with the mum and dad. Obviously we ordered the Valentines special.

After class, studying, and midterm taking was over, I ran to Costa Vida to get us take out. 
Only to come home to this...

We ate under our little canopy of lights, enjoyed candy hearts and played the game of "who can make the longest sentence out of these".
I won longest sentence.
Blake one best sentence. 

Blake was also determined to set up surround system in our living room to give our movie watching the best qualilty, top notch experience ever. 
So I opted for a nap on the couch while he assembled it all. 
Two hours later I woke up to blasting music, wires all over, and one proud and happy husband. 

So then we pulled out our mattress...

Made a heart shaped cazookie ("riiiiik, it's called a PAzookie, like a pizza cookie!" -Blake), and then watched Monster's Inc. together. 
Does anyone remember how freaking witty and funny that movie is?!

G-rated version: and then we laughed and cuddled and kissed the night away.
Non-G-rated version: come on kids...it was Valentines Day for the newlyweds. 

Needless to say, our day was capital Gee-double oh-double oh-double oh-Dee. 

Gosh, I love that Valentine of mine. 

Hope your day was equally as great. 
Yay for love. 

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