February 12, 2013

THE bridesmaids. THE groomsmen.


Kanik, Mac Daddy, Lachelly, Nugget, Jess, B-dawg, Kal-a-rama, and Delbs...
Thanks for being my best friends. 
I love you!
And thanks for accompanying me my wedding day.
You da best. 


Sky, Mitch, J, Kasey, Myke, Ryan, and Joshua...
Thanks for being such good friends to me and that B-man.
I seriously love you guys. 
I've never met a cooler and more studly group of guys. 
For real...look how buff you are...

Especially you, Ryan. 
Check you out...holding my braid and all. 
Hot dang. 

 Love you all.

Aaaaaand, in the spirit of good captures of me, I present to you...
"laughing 'candid' slaughtered by the bride"

That's wassup. 


  1. My vote goes to Ryan too for the holding up the braid.....atta boy!!!! Oh, and Niki is blonde?? what the????!!! She's soooo pretty and you look beautiful :) good looking group of kids.

  2. I love that Myke and Ryan made the exact same "sexy" face... And the braid, that's awesome.