March 19, 2013

THE guest notes.

B and I had a sign-in book at our reception, but I wanted to do a little something more. 
So after some pinteresting and brain storming, my dad and I created these frames. 
They are created from old, ugly wood (which I loooove) and strung with rope. 
The guests were able to write a little note for us and these babies were jam packed with some seriously love by the end of the night. 
 I had the BEST time reading everything.
I'm convinced I'm surrounded by the best family and friends ever.

If any of you need these little cuties for your wedding, PLEASE shoot me an email.
They're just chillin and taking up valuable space over at the Laws residence. :)
erikamlaws (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. RIKS! Good news.. I'm getting married.. in like 20 bazillion years. Just wanted to make sure these will still be available and that you will put me on the requested list. Ya know, just wanting to stay on top of things, planning a wedding is ROUGH!