March 8, 2013

Worst thing ever.

I lost my car keys on campus.
Big BYU campus.
It resulted in 10 miles of walking/searching campus.
5 visits to the lost and found.
All with no luck.
I had to literally run to dance.
Had no wallet (as it was locked in my car).
No makeup (as it was locked in my car).
And no car. Obviously.
It was bad news bears.
I was nooooot happy. Not happy at all.

But praise that honest person that eventually turned them into the lost and found.

Praise those sweet people that went out of their way to drive me around town.

And praise the weekend! It couldn't have come faster. My plans? Hangout with my boy 24/7 and pay Nik to do all my homework assignments in order to prep her for college. Did you know she's coming to BYU next year? As a track athlete, even. So bomb.

And this is me running. Cuz I have no car.


  1. I laugh at your cuteness! a funnee lil girl.

  2. Making your fan club wait a week before your next post is just killing all of us!!! Love your style - love you!!! You and B are simply A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E