February 28, 2014

I'm a sickie.

I've been hit by the sickie sick bug. 
It's the worst. 
I can't sleep cuz I can't frick frakin breathe.
and I basically become a lame-o around 8 o'clock every night when it starts to hit me hard. 
Our house is also a disaster. 
You should see the bedroom...
It ain't pretty.
Who has time to clean when they're sick?!
All I want to do is cuddle up and watch TV while B works on homework every night.
^^yikes. I spy a bike, cafe rio, shoes from the last couple of days, and a sexy man guy who I love so much. 

For real though, I love him so much. 
We were watching Modern Family the other night and they were drinking punch in one of the scenes. 
I'm all, "oh my heck...juice! doesn't that sound so good?!"
Next thing I know, B is getting dressed (he may or may not have been shirtless), grabbing his keys and asking me what kind of juice my sickie self would like. 
10 minutes later, I have a whole bunch of juices to choice from. 
Hahaha he's the best. 
I made sure to give him a nice 30 second back rub to say thanks before I zonked out on the couch. 

Also, I'm having a hard time kissing my hubby.
I probably shouldn't, so I don't get him sick too...buuut whateves.
I can't breathe through my nose, so after we kiss for about 20 seconds
I'm all, "I can't brrrrreathe!!!"
B was pretty patient with me...and we laughed a lot. 
So sickie makeout session? 


  1. First of all, a messy house when your sick is a must, right? Second, those windows in your living room are AMAZING. Get feeling better!

  2. cutest thing ever! he is so sweet to you. feel better soon!