February 7, 2014

Winter Semester 2014 is blowing my miiiiind.

^^ this picture has nothing to do with this post. I just like it aight?

Here it is. 
My post about how insane this semester is. 
Do you even care?!
Probably not.
But you should! 
Because I think my brain is going to explode. 
It's called concern for your fellow men, you guyzzzz. 

So here we go. 

I just counted.
 My brain and body is currently trying to hold on to 20 (20!) different dances worth of choreography.
Ask any of my dance peeps, my brain is turning to mush. 

Also, I got accepted to be a researching assistant for one of the professors here at BYU. 
It's so great and I'm currently working on a manuscript to be submitted for publication. (eek!)
That betta look good on my grad school application, right?
However, it requires 10 hours of researching crizapp a week. 
Which is fine. 
But on top of school, homework, two jobs, and all that choreography being done...it's a complete stretch every week to get those 10 hours in. I'm dying. 

Aaaaand yesterday was the first day of the semester where I wore jeans. 
Sweats are my BFF lately. 

And that hubby is getting slammed as well. 
It's pretty sad how sad looking we are.
I swear I haven't seem him all week. 
But we're getting soooo smart!!!
We hope. 
Last night we stayed up till 2 am working on one of his homework assignments together.
Earlier that week he helped me with one of mine because I was so stressed. 
So I owed him one, big time. 
Teamwork, kids. 

 But this is my last semester of my undergrad!
Right now, thinking of being done makes me ecstatic.
In April, after I graduate, I'm going to sleep in, watch every episode of Modern Family, learn how to cook, and try not to spill my ice cream on B's notebook while he has to do homework :)

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 PS. I'm so sorry that this little blog of mine has been recently getting the boot. 
I hope you understand.
My mom tells me everyday that she's "waiting for a new blog post, rik!"
Sorry mom. 

And lastly, sorry for the lame boring post. 
The little details about my life are pointless, I know. 
But I like looking back on this stuff. 
That way when I'm older and losing my mind, I can bask in the days when I was young, youthful and could handle all this stuff. 


  1. Yeah, this semester is killer. Your load sounds insane!!! HOly cow, good luck!

  2. Holy moley girlfriend! How do you do it all?! Also, I didn't know you danced for BYU. That is swell!

    xx Laur

  3. job #3 - keep your Blog updated......for the kids Rik, for the kids.

  4. Good luck! Congrats on being your last semester! Hooray for that! Love ya!