January 27, 2014

Just so random.

I just started writing a post about how I'm in my last semester of my undergrad. 
But after the 2nd line...I got bored. 
And started to think about how I want to get a tattoo and dye my hair pink.
So I'll write about that and some other randoms instead.

It's true. 
I want a tat. 
So bad. 
I love them...I just think they're cool.
But I won't, okaaay? because when I was a little tyke I promised myself I would never. 
Also, I'm a baby and could never work up the guts to do it.
And I don't think I would be my parents favorite child anymore if I got one ;)

Also, I went to a dance concert last night. 
It was amazing. 
And my girl Kylie was kilin it on stage in her pink, yes pink, hair. 
I was totally envious the whole time. 
And I want it. 
So bad. 
Can you even imagine me with pink hair??
No way.
But blue maybe?!

Did you know B HATES sharing milk?
Like he won't do it.
Once I accidentally took a sip of his brand new chocolate milk. 
And then all of the sudden I had my own brand new chocolate milk.
Didn't even have to ask B to give it to me.

I hate cats.
I think. 
I mean.... I used to loooove them. 
My dad even brought a few home for me when I was little, even though he is allergic. 
Bless his huge heart. 
I named every single one of them Crystal. 
But somewhere between age 15 and 21 I've grown to hate them. 
However, I really want one lately. 
Like so bad. 
I even asked for one for Christmas?
I think it's cuz B and I don't want a baby. 
And we couldn't handle a dog for more than 8 hours (see that post here). 
And an evil cat just seems like a thing we could handle. 

When we have no where to be in the morning, B does this thing that I like to call the "crackin".
Boy can sleep in for hours. HOURS!
And I kind of hate wasting time just laying in bed once I'm awake.
But he always wants me to stay in bed with him. 
So he wraps his legs around me in this death. grip. when he can tell I'm about to get up.
"oh nooooo, it's the crackin'!!!"
(you know that octopus thing from Pirates of the Caribbean?!)
I can never, ever get out of it.
So I have no choice but to lay in bed with all these limbs keeping me hostage. 
It's the real life Crackin'.
and I love it so much.

Also, we just had a random rap off in our kitchen.
I'm sorry you don't get to see our solos.
It's just that we're way too white for our own good.
But neither of us won.
It was a tie, if you will.
B knew his words better.
I popped, locked, and dropped it better.
But whateves, we look better together anyway.

Happy Monday little cuties.
Today I attend my dreaded cycling class.
Pray the teacher plays some more Spice Girl music so I don't hate it toooo much.

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  1. I am dying about the crackin. That is hilarious. I also love tattoos, but I'm on the same boat! I would never get one!!


  2. I want a tattoo sooo bad! I have resorted to just drawing them myself haha. This is a great post!

  3. I am so glad I found this! You are too hilarious. My husband does something SO similar to your "crackin" and you know what? I can't help but absolutely love it. Your blog is so cute! Love it.


  4. Duhhhh, I just love you guys. Rap stars. Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out... http://laurynlasko.blogspot.com/2014/01/liebster-award-id-like-to-thank-my-mom.html

    xx Laur

  5. I am in my last semester too! I just wanna be done!


  6. I`m little obsessed with your fashion sense. Good work.