January 8, 2014

15 things 15 things 15 things

#1 After searching for years, I finally found a pair of boyfriend jeans that I love.
That is the cause for some serious celebration. 
Except both B and my mom both said (on separate occasions)
"Rik, your pants are too big"
They just don't understand great style, is what I keep telling myself. 

#2 I made this quilt. 
With the help of Grannie of course. 
Had to do it for a humanities class. 
I got 100%.
Which I felt great about. 
But then I saw the half eaten pizza that someone turned in as their project. 
Which made me second guess the millions of hour spent on this dang quilt. 
Too overboard?
I suppose. 
But 100% is 100% and probably (hopefully) a better score than that pizza got.

#3 Mend Juicery.
Heard of it?
It's all the rage. 
Because everyone was saying it was so yummy, I assumed it was magical veggie juice without the nasty veggie taste. 
Turns out people just truly like the taste of liquid vegetables. 
But apparently they are so yummy!
So go try one. 
And don't base it off my non-healthy palate preferences. 
I even bought one. 
Just drank it with my nose plugged. 
For the good of the body kids, for the good of the body. 

#4 Dad, thanks for working at BYU and giving your beloved daughters half off their tuition. 
For that, we will let mom buy you (and us) breakfast and deliver it to your office. 

#5 Vintage finds. 
My favorite. 
This coat. I love!!
I saw some chick trying it on in the store and I wanted it bad.
so I went to the owner and told him to convince that girl out of buying that coat so I could have it. 
(whoa...a little selfish Rik.)
But you know what? He did it.
If you haven't been to 'unhinged' on center street in Provo, go now. 
The people and stuff is so rad.
They have lots of new stuff too if vintage isn't your thing.  
(creepy smile, I know)

#6 Nickle city.
A place where you spend twenty dollars and get five dollars worth of prizes in exchange.

^^ that's over a THOUSAND tickets worth of stuff. 
I promise the frooties taste better there than if they're store bought.
It's why we keep going back there.

#7 Blake is a saint. 
Like, drive-by-old-ladies-shoveling-their-walk-ways-and-stop-to-finish-it-for-them, kind of saint.
Blake came home one day with a present that one lady ran into their house to get while he was shoveling for them.
We laughed so hard when we saw the pop-tarts in there. 
I'm pretty positive it's one of B's favorite presents he has ever gotten. 
He loves that box of pop-tarts so much!

#8 I may not be going to the Olympics.
But B clearly should be.

#9 Oh hey New Years Eve. 
You were pretty much a little crazier when I was single. 
And hey Nik.
You look a whole lot sexier than I did that night. 
But whatever. 
I'm sure my New Years kiss was hotter than yours.

#10 We gotta "Blake's Jordans" 30 sec video comin atcha!
I need something to film other than my hubby and his shoes. 
Any takers?!

#11 Spin class. 
Hardest class I've ever taken at BYU.
I think I'm out of shape.
And I'd rather watch paint dry than workout on something stationary.
But you know what they say,
The more spin classes you take, the more ice cream you can eat.
For the good of the body kids, for the good of the body.

#12 Blake made dinner tonight. 
aaaaand cleaned the kitchen up afterwards.
I wanted to kiss him all over. 
I mean, not only is it nice to relax and take a break from cooking five-course meals every evening. 
But it's pretty fun to watch that sexy thing do domestic stuff. 
Turns. me. on.

#13 We're totally into THIS SONG as of late. mmmm that western vibe gets me every time.
Also, THIS SONG COVER is on repeat in my car.

#14 THESE SHOES. B and I wasted way too many hours of our lives trying to find these somewhere. And I finally found them! If you want them and don't have hours of your life to spare, talk to me and I'll hook you up.

#15 Feeling way inspired by THIS CHICK.

Also, B and I are getting slaughtered by school this semester. 
"Welp, I'll see you in April, Rik"
But he's on the couch right now waiting for me to finish this up so we can cuddle up and watch Modern Family. 
So I'm out. 
And not even going to edit. 
Sorry not sorry. 
This is my only chance to see him before April. (winkie face)

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  1. I've been a follwer for awhile now & I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your adorable life!
    && I love your boyfriend jeans! Where did you get those?!

    1. Thanks Jen baby! I got them recently from BP at Nordstrom. So go get some while they have them! I love mine so much :)

  2. ummmmmm....where are the rest of your pictures for #13, #14 and #15 ??? Edit your post for the good of the body kids, for the good of the body.

    1. I put links to them instead little mommy!

    2. Oh I just saw the link to #15......she reminds me of lil Em's - always so positive and upbeat no matter how teeny tiny she is and she is large, huge in stature! Thanks baby girl. Who raised you?? They did a fine job kids, a fine job! :) heehee

  3. hahahaha i love how you say for the good of the body. and i love your sense of humor. and your blog over all. and WHERE did you find the shoes because i have been looking everywhere....

    1. Keena! Your comment made my day! Hahaha thank you! And also, they are the nike air max sunrise...it's a livestrong edition! I was so happy when I found them. I had to order mine off eBay so look there!

  4. hahahaha yeah spin classes are ridiculous! I don't know how people find joy in sitting in a hot room with a bunch of other sweaty ladies staring at a wall as they miserably pedal their sweet little feet. But.....ice cream is always the only thing that can motivate me to work out.

    1. I knooooow! I get so bored. But I figured if I made it a college class, id be forced to go and exercise, right?! Plus it helps me graduate. So I really shouldn't complain thaaaat mucho. But it still sucks so bad.

  5. Your apartment looks NICE! Where do you live?