January 16, 2014

My last post as a newlywed

Tomorrow I'll have been married to Lover 
boy for 1 year.
That's 12 months! 
Uhhhh...365 days, if you will. 

And right now I'm waiting at Guru's for my hot lunch date. 
He doesn't know we're celebrating our last lunch together before we're old married people. 
But I'll be sure to tell him. 
Hopefully he doesn't cry.  
No one wants to be an old married person. 

Gosh I love that boy. 
Best year of my life. 
But much more mushy gushy crizapp on that later.
Aka: Tomorrow.
Aka: whenever I feel like it.

Until then, we'll be soaking in our last newlywed day together. 
Probably with a sugar cookie from Sweet Tooth Fairy. 
Because I've been craving it all day. 
It's what old married people do.

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  1. happy one year baby!! and you better be pregnant haha loves you!

  2. ahhhhh if you were pregnant that would be seriously awesome. also i think you 2 are the cutest happy 1 year :)

    xx, keena

  3. Riks, you gotta stop telling people we are pregnant... No one is going to believe you when you ACTUALLY are. Crazy chick. I love you!

  4. Hahahaha you are seriously so funny girl. Happy 1 year anniversh.

    love ya!