March 21, 2014

My little Asian mama...

^^ little cuz I've been taller than her since the 4th grade.
And Asian because she's, well...Asian. 
It was my mom's birthday this past week.
(and also my bro bro's...but I don't love him as much ;) and didn't get any pictures with him...therefore, no blog post for you brother. I'm sorry. But I hope you had a great day and I love you like a love song.)
My mom is basically the greatest human alive and I love her so much. 
Seriously, she's thee most giving and caring person I know (and you too, I love my parents).
Her and I are BFF's and I hope hope hope to be the kind of mother she is one day!

And also, if you didn't already know, my mom and I have worked in the same accounting office for the past 5 years. 
She hired me when I was just a little tyke and we've been desk buddies ever since. 
I remember watching my mom type all these numbers at the speed of lighting. 
I swear, no one (no one!) is faster than my mom on a computer. 
It's insane. 
And all these years I've been trying to be as fast as her. 
But with no luck.
She's still the best and fastest ever. 
She also had a rockin' candy jar right on our desk for everyone to share.
And we also went to lunch together like...everyday. 
And she gave me time off whenever I needed it. 
And we went shopping when we needed a break.  
And clearly, working with her was the best thing.

She recently got a killer (like killer) job offer which she decided to take. 
And I miss her soooo much!
My desk has a new buddy, and it just isn't the same. 
And I have to get lunch alone. 
Man, I miss her. 
But luckily I live in her basement apartment. 
So it's basically impossible for her to get rid of me completely. 
And heeeey, Mom!
I know you're reading're like the world's greatest On The Reals stalker. 
(well, you and Uncle Dru).
I love you!!!
And miss you at work!
And I'm proud of you for trying new things!
And you don't look a day over 30!
And I tried to pick pictures that you would approve of!
And you look so hot in every single one!
And I hope you had the best birthday ever!
And thanks for being the worlds greatest!

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  1. Haps births, Mom! She is frikkin gorgeous! (as are you, of course!)

    xx L