March 25, 2014

My second family...I love you so much!

I'm sitting here in class and my professor's words are going in one ear and out the other. 
I've got a bad case of senioritis. 
So here I am...blogging. 
I might as well get something productive done with my time, right?!

I'm looking at all these pictures that I took on Sunday when B and I went up the canyon with his family.
And I'm thinking about my in-laws and how I love them so much. 
I seriously feel like I hit the jackpot. 
B's the best person in the world. 
And he came from the greatest family ever.
They are so sweet, and loving, and kind, and FUN. 
Like, really. 
They are so fun. 
And they have always always treated me like I was their own and I've always felt like an important part of their family. 
Anyone who knows the Sanford's can back me up here.
So Sanford's...I love you!!!
I feel so blessed to have married into your family!!

And also, could you BE anymore good lookin'?

 ^^A longboarding, trick-doing mother-in-law?! Doesn't get much better kids.

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  1. whos that sexy skinny in the beanie??

  2. Looks fun - I love your photographs! xx
    New follower on Bloglovin' ^____^

    C:ndy |

  3. Woohoo, I'm not the only one who blogs in lectures! Uniteddddd forever. I'm only half way through my three year degree and it already feels like I have senioritis. The struggle is real. Amazing photos usual!