May 28, 2014

She's a FEYONCE!

Oh hi. 
My little baby 10-year-old sister got engaged last night!!
What Whaaaat?!
Jk. She's not 10, but I feel like she is.
I swear. When we're 90 and confined to a wheel chair,  I'll still think she's a little bebe.
She's just sooo cute and still tries to steal all my clothes, so she's forever a youngin in my mind. 
But you guyz. 
She's so happy. 
Like soooo happy!
And Jackson?
Definition of a stud.
And millions of women everywhere are paying mucho bucks in the tanning bed to get bronzed skin like his. 
He's basically awesome. (and holds all the major characteristics that I require for a man to hold in order to wed that young child of mine).
Plus he got a freaking hawk to help him pop the big question.
So rad, right?!
And they both run on the BYU track team. 
I know, so ca-UTE! and buff. 
They are both so ripped and fast and sexy.

Congrats Nik and Jacks!
I'm super stoked to have another older bro bro. 
They are the best.
Yay for marriage and young people in love everywhere!

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P.S. Wedding is on the 15th of August. So mark your calendars!


  1. OH MY GOSH. Is it pathetic of me that I actually cried when I watched that video?? I'm such a sucker for cute proposals & that one was soooooo adorable!!! Your sister is so cute! Happy for her!!!

    xx, Ariel

  2. I'm so freakin excited for you! I'm excited to be able to tell Lindsay about your engagement. I know she'll be so happy for you. Cute proposal! I loved your reaction!
    Tess Clegg

  3. Whaaa ... We were there! Riki you have the cutest family! Way stoked for Nik and her guy! :)

  4. Um I'm with Ariel on this one. I legit cried too. I'm such a sap! That was so cute/unique/cool and they are such a beautiful couple!!! Congrats to them!!! :)