April 29, 2014

The best present.

Just in case you weren't aware, my Grannie is a master quilter.
Like, insane amounts of talents in the quilting department. 
And when I was about 10, she bought me a little quilting starter kit for Christmas. 
So, I would spend many days and hours over at her house, working on my first quilt. 
As I would sew, she would work on her own quilt right next to me. 
I remember being little and eyeing that quilt of hers that she was working on. 
I loved it so much. 
Easily my favorite quilt that she has ever made. 
She explained to me how there was no rhyme or reason to how she pieced the fabric together. 
"you just pull a strip out of the bag and sew it, Rik!"
So I'd watch her piece together this elaborate quilt while I worked extra hard to make my dinky (and painfully simple) quilt look good.
Finally we both finished our quilts, I was ubber proud of mine. UBBER proud.
But I wanted hers. Like so bad. 

Fast forward to 2014.
For 11 straight years (11 years!) I'd go to her house, see that quilt, and ask if I could have it. 
"Nope!" was the only thing she ever said to me.
Hahaha so rude.
I wanted it more than anything! And it was just sitting on her couch doing nothing. NADA!
Plus she has like a bajillion quilts around her house.
argh, Grannie!
It's just that I had these awesome plans of putting that quilt in my first little girls room. 
In my mind it would look freaking awesome. 
And the sentiment..ah, can you imagine? from Grannie, to me, to her?! Just about kills you with emotion. I know.
Grannie came to my graduation dinner. 
Everyone brought presents, remember?
Grannie hands me the one from her and the first thing out of my mouth?
"This better be that dang quilt I've been asking for for YEARS!"
Then I quickly apologized and assured her i'd love anything that was inside the bag. 

You guys.
She gave it to me. 
The quilt that I have wanted for my whole life!!!
I don't think I've ever been so happy. 
Like sooooo happy!
This quilt has so much meaning to me. 
I will forever cherish those days when I was little, watching my Grannie in awe as she made this quilt. 
Not only do I love how it looks, but I love the memories behind it. 

I know. I know. 
I'm expressing my dying love for a QUILT. 
It's totally whatever to you. 
But it is by far, one of the best presents I have ever gotten. 
I love it so much. 

So thank you, Grannie!
For teaching me how to quilt. 
For helping me every time I want to make a new one. (I think i've inherited your love of quilting...)
And for finally giving in and giving me the present of my dreeeaammmssss! 
I love you!

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  1. Aww that is so sweet! It's a beautiful quilt :) It can be your heirloom!

  2. I asked for it once.....but whatever - clearly she loves you most!

  3. You must be loved to get a Grannie quilt! I adore the one she gave Dru and I for Christmas. In fact I have dubbed it as ALL mine!