April 27, 2014

Graduation 2014

You guuuyzzz...
I did it. 
I graduated!
It feels so good. 
Like today, I just enjoyed my Sunday...homework free. Whaaat?!
It's really the best feeling ever. 

This past semester was pretty great. 
I feel like I loved all my classes and even though I had a bad case of senioritis, I ended with some good grades. (The hope of going to grad school is still alive and kickin, so I had to end strong!!)
But now..I'm in this weird crunch. 
B is planning on dental school in about a year and a half.
So I'm like, might as well work full-time, right?
Unfortunately, you can't really get great jobs with just a bachelors in human development. 
So I'm finding myself applying for all these jobs that I could have gotten without my college education. 
They're all, "highschool diploma required"
I'm all, "why did I just spend thousands of dollars and hours on a college degree?!"
But hopefully, (hopefully!) it will all pay off in the end. 
And I'm so grateful for my education. 
and I love school you guys. Like looooove it. 
So it's bittersweet to be done.
Bitter cuz now I have to work a 9-5 job. Gross.
Sweet because my nights are now homework freeeee!
Like, I have all this free time now. 
I started reading the Elizabeth Smart book the other night. 
And I just spent 12 hours of my life trying to beat that frick-frakin 2048 game. 
I'm happy to announce that after a few (a lot) of throwing my face into the couch pillows, I have officially reached 2048!
So many accomplishments going on over here, I tell you. 

Also, my mom MADE me do the whole graduating thing. 
If I had it my way, I would have blown a kiss to good ol' Brigham Young and gone to get icecream. 
But my mom wanted the piccy's, so I borrowed a gown with a cute 2013 tassel on it (thanks Eliza!) and sat through the commencement ceremony. 
It was pretty dull dull dull. Except for when President Uchtdorf spoke...
Plus I got to sit by one of the greatest people ever, Steinia aka Stoner. 
She was my roommate my freshman year of college, and it was great to start AND finish off BYU together. 
We got pretty bored. 
So I had to show her 2048. Obvi.

Thanks BYU for a great education and a seriously awesome 4-years. 
I swear I just graduated high school last year. 
I'm like an old woman.

Also, did you know graduation is like a BIRTHDAY?
My whole fam went to California Pizza Kitchen right after graduation and I got so many presents!
It was the best thing!
So fam, thanks so much.
I said to my dad, "man...I need to graduate more often."
He's all, "ya, but you could have just bought yourself all these presents with one semester's worth of tuition".
So true.

So to all my friendy friends in college, keep going strong.
You may not be able to get an awesome job right off,
but you get presents aaaand it increases the amount of time you can spend playing 2048.

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  1. congrats, girl! such an awesome feeling! enjoy all of that free time!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kelli! It really is so fun not having a bunch of homework to worry about. I'm taking fuullll advantage of this free time :)

  2. Your hair!!!! Love it!!! Congrats Riki!!

    1. Oh, thanks girl. It was SUCH a process to get it blonde, I was so happy when it finally turned out!

  3. Congraduations little Riki. Dexta and I are very proud of you.
    (and by the way, I deleted 2048 from my phone yesterday. My pursuit of the 4096 tile was consuming my life)

    1. Thanks uncle! and seriously, I'm not surprised one bit that you were on a conquest to 4096. You're so smart. I struggled getting to 2048!! Love you guys!

  4. Congratulations! I have 3 semesters left...This gives me hope that graduation does actually happen!

    1. Haha! The end is in sight!!! It goes by fast, I promise! Next thing you know, you'll be an old grandma. Serious.