April 28, 2014

bye bye luscious locks

One night, B and I had to be somewhere and he was going to come pick me so we could drive there together. 
I get into the car and fliiiiiped.
Lover boy's hair was gone!
What the heck!
I had no idea. 
He just did it. 
And honestly, I'm not sure what made him do it.
I mean, about once a week he'd say something about cutting it, but I never thought he'd actually do it!
I thought I was going to be so sad when he finally cut it....
but honestly, he just looked SO HOT with his new do, it was hard to be angry. 
Like really. Could he beeee any more good looking?

Helloooo swoon city!
Haha he was freaking all night.
Like I'm pretty sure he felt sick to his stomach that he just cut all his hair off. 
He kept saying, "what did I do?!"
But I think part of him kinda loved it too.
He answered a phone call on our way to our interview and he looked at me with this amazed face and said, "Rik! The phone just went straight to my ear. I didn't have to flip my hair out of the way first! So weird!"
Hahaha. Funny kid. 
I just kinda stared at him all night.
Checking him out, you know?
He really is so sexy. 
Long hair or short. 
But right now, I'm diggin' that short hair. 
Like sooooo much!

And these pics.
Hahaha! Check out that hair!

Hope you all are having a happy Monday!

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  1. Oh my gosh, his hair short is a lot better! 1,000,000,000 times better! Never, ever let him grow it out againnnn hahaha