April 18, 2014

We are the Sanford's and we love to longboard.

We can talk about how I suck at blogging lately...
or I can just hop to it!
If you are a On the Reals reader, it should come as no surprise that B and I are lovers of the longboard.
Great. Come with us!!!
(I'm serious)
We go like every other day, so I'm sure we could make something work :)

Anyway, last night a bunch of us got together to cruise down the canyon and it was the best thing!
I really didn't have time for it... #finalsweek
And I had to wake up waaaaay too early this morning to makeup for the study time I lost. 
But it was so worth it!
Always a good time with these peeps. 

Also, my friend Scotty put together this sweeto burrito video of us!
Check it out cuz it's so kool.

^^ and also, this picture. 
Makes me laugh every time I look at it!
I snapped it as I cruised by and I caught the face of pure happiness. 
Like a kid in a candy store right there. 
Hahaha too good!

Happy Friday Amigos!
I graduate in a few days. 
Like, done with college forever, type of graduating. 
I know. 
So weird.


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  1. Three things: 1. CONGRATS on graduating. 2. COOL video. like, way cool. 3. SHOW ME your ways, long boarding looks so cool but I'm freaked by it.

    1. Thanks baby! Girl, you just gotta go and try it. I promise that I was freaked out the first couple of times, but you get the hang of it!

  2. Girlfriend.. where are your g's...?? :/

    1. Who be this?! The garment police?! haha jk. But really. Not that it's really anyones business, at all... but I just had dance right after this and yes, I don't wear them when I dance (gasp!). But to ease your mind, I'm a garment wearing/loving fool. Feel free to email me if you have any other personal questions, such as the location of my g's. Okaaaaay? Thanks.

  3. WHOA!! Who's on garmet patrol.....hope your laundry gets done quick Rik!

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