September 5, 2014

Phone Dumpage

^^Blakers surprised me and brought me my favorite donut to work this morning.
For that, I will give him 100 gold stars, and 5 "you-can-go-fishing-whenever-you-want" passes.
^^Becoming a Sanford has introduced me to the life of 4-wheeling and the SAND DUNES.
It's so great and scary and fun and provides a lot of holy shiz moments in my life. 

^^May Lady and the rest of my family came to the Sand Dunes with us. 
After May went for a ride with B, she came back and told me "we did JUMPS!".
I was a torn person at that moment. 
Like B, I love you so much...our future kids are going to be ballers and brave and bad aces. 
But also like, please bless our children live past the age of 5. 

^^ My friendy Alex who I love so much. 
This is us at a golf appearance with the Jazz...getting all cozy under a tent while it rained.

^^We went and saw Wicked with my Bro and Sissy-in-law. 
OBVIOUSLY we had to take a picture like this. 
And OBVIOUSLY the caption to the picture is..."We had a WICKED good night".

^^Here we are playing Bocce ball with our good friends Kal and Trav.
I would have freaking won if B didn't beat meeeee. 

^^ One of my besties moved away last month :(
Her and her hubby are on to way awesome things, but I miss her!!!

^^At one of the Jazz Appearances, I met a guy who works with the ticket sales at Energy Solutions. 
Before he drove away in his golf cart, he asked me what my name was then said, "Great! There's two tickets at will call under your name for the Lady Gaga concert tonight."
I'm like, WHUT. 
So B and I are just stoked to go (maybe me more than him) but we were both kind of expecting crappy seats since the tickets were free. 
Um, no. 
Hello Jazz Suite Box Seats. 
Best night of my life. 
Except that Lady Gaga was completely insane!

^^These two just melt my heart. 

^^ We floated the Provo River again this year!
It was so great!
Our tub only deflated once, and I used my handy dandy survivor skills and patched our hole with the gum I had in my mouth. 
I swear, that piece of gum kept our tube inflated the WHOLE way!
A solid hour and a half!!!
B and I were amazed. 

^^B went to his parents to clean up some of his keepsakes and look what we found...OUR LOVE JOURNAL!
That thing is truly awesome.
Better than a blog. 
Yup. Said it.
^^It's so hard having church at freaking 9 a.m.
Our church is at 1:00.

^^I love little brenna-boo-boo-boo.
(like benny-boo-boo-boo from "how to lose a guy in 10 days" you got me?)

^^ Two words. Swoll mates. 
And Kasey. 

Great. Now I can delete a bunch of pictures off my phone. 
I get that stupid "cannot take photo - manage your storage in the settings option" push notification like every time I try to take a pic!


  1. so glad I made it, again, on your blog. Plus your hair is growing so long so fast. and I miss you.

  2. Ha, love the comment about hoping your kids live past 5! I often wonder how any of the Laws children survived!