February 8, 2016

3 years - we did it, ah yeeaah.

About a day before our 3rd year anniversary, I heard B say to multiple people on different accounts...
"I told her that if we made it to 3 years, I'd stick with her forever. So she better not mess anything up in the next 24 hours!"

And it made me laugh a lot. 
One, because never has he ever said that to me, ever. Idk where it even came from! 
The first time I heard him say it - it really really made me laugh.
And two, because I think a person or two took him literally and lo and behold...heartless B. 

But luckily for me, I didn't screw anything up. 
Now we've been married for 3 years. 
And now he will apparently stick with me forever :)

But really, 3 years - it's been so good. 
B follows GoogleFacts on Twitter and one said something about how studies show that couples are happiest in their 3rd year of marriage. 
He goes, "Rik!" *shows me the tweet*, *then fist bumps me* and inside we both are like, "ah yeeeaah".

B and I love to scare each other. 
Well actually, B loves to scare me and I attempt to get him back. 
Whenever I get home before B, he always scares the crizapp out of me when I'm in the shower. 
Soooo....the other night, I came home and I heard the shower going in our bathroom. 
Obviously I had to scare him, so I run into the bathroom, grab a water bottle, throw open the shower curtain, throw the water on him and yell, "WAAHHHH!!".
Except. he. wasn't. in. the. freaking. shower. 
He jumps out of the toilet room behind me and screams "WAH!" at me.
So me, I'm like "WAHHH!" at him in the shower but then a real life "WAHHHHH" of pure terror right after because of him scaring me.
We laughed so hard for so long! 
It was all a set up that I completely fell for and am totally ashamed of.
Cross your fingers that in my "4 year" blog post I can tell a successful story of me scaring Blake.

Also, pray that in my "4 year" blog post, I'll have my name legally changed. 
Before you go and make any assumptions about me being lazy or having committal issues to marriage, hear this. 
In my free time last week, I scrubbed the fridge and freezer head to toe. 
I could have gotten my name legally changed in that time - but then my fridge would still be dirty. 
That's called prioritizing.
Unfortunately, changing my name has been at the bottom of the list for a long time. But it's slowly making it's way towards the top!
I think "buy a new car", "make a baby", "go back to Romania", "move out of my parents house", "wait for B to graduate", "do my laundry", "clean our closet", "make dinner" etc. is on the list before "change my name legally". 
So pray that year 3 of marriage is BIG so that I can legally and one day finally become an official "Sanford".
Also, B doesn't wear his ring because it drives him bonkers to wear jewelry. 
I don't get my name changed because I hate the DMV, bank, and all things that involve "line waiting". 
No ring? I don't mind. No name change? He doesn't care.
That's called compromise. 
Also, my name is changed on FB and Insta and Email - what else really matters?
Not your business documents, college graduate certificate, drivers license, credit card, debit cards, church records, etc. Nope - not important. 

Anyway, I highly recommend marriage to anyone and everyone. And I'm really truly sorry that 
Blake Sanford is already taken, or else I would also highly recommend 
marrying B-Money.

And B! I know you're reading this!
Thanks for being the very best person for me.
You're the most supportive, caring, smart and hilarious person I know.
We go together. 
you know?
 like, rama lama lama, ka dignity ding da dong.
(HA! Jk - but thanks for watching all 3 hours of Grease Live with me). 

I love you SO freaking much!
Times five.
Plus infinity. 

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  1. Times infinity, plus five would be way more!

  2. Rik- I laughed so hard reading through this....infact you know how I naturally always proof read your stuff and tell you about it...I didn't even notice or care cuz it was so funny! Good job on taking me out of my OCD Zone. You guys are the cutest lil pretend marrieds I know.