January 23, 2017

5 major (like, life-changing!) things that have happened in the Sanford home this past year.

A lot has happened in our little Sanford lives since I last blogged. A lot meaning, a lot! And not just little changes, big ol' hunkin huge changes. Which - for us, have been the best kind. So here we go...
1. I opened a dance studio.
It was 2 weeks before NBA Jazz tryouts when my current business partner and I met up and we decided to go for it - to expand Jive and open up another location. Her and I had been talking for years about opening another studio but never did, and all of the sudden, there were some driving factors/unexpected experiences (divine intervention?) that just pushed me and her to just go for it. Thus, Riverton Jive was born! Looking back, it was all very stressful and happened so fast. I remember being so stressed because I wanted to dance for the Jazz for one more season and I couldn’t decide what to do! But, B and I went to the temple, talked to each other and all the people we could for advice and ultimately decided that this business opportunity held a lot more potential than just one more season with the NBA. We also figured that if it was a complete fluke – there was no better time for us to live and learn. We opened the studio in about 3 months and I’m so glad we bit the bullet and did it! It's been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. It's crazy to think that dance has played such a big role in my life. I never imagined it to. If you ever asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never said dancer or dance teacher (or studio owner), I don’t know why! Maybe I just always knew dance would play a role in my life and it didn’t need to be said. Or maybe life just has different plans for you than you have for yourself, I DON’T KNOW! But I’ve never been so happy – working my booty off and seeing the results. I’ve also met so many incredible people because of the Riverton studio and that alone has been so rewarding.
2. B graduated.
It felt like a million years, but he did it! He graduated with a degree in Biology and we have both never been so happy that he's done. School was something painful for that guy. It makes us both laugh when we talk about it! Like, we’ll be watching a movie on Sunday night and randomly B will say, “I DON’T HAVE ANY HOMEWORK TO DO!” and then I say “YIPEEEE” and then we fist bump. Me? Sometimes I miss school. B? He’s never ever ever going to miss school. But he finished strong (with high honors) (what?) and I’m so proud of him.
 3. We are building a house!
We decided it's time to move out of the parent’s basement apartment - though we love it so much! We actually LOVE living there and are so grateful for parents who are the best landlords ever. Our house will be done sometime this winter, so we'll be soaking up all the movies and tv shows in their theater room, basking in the cheap rent, and cherishing their stocked pantry until we move out. Also, I've been documenting the whole thing on a different IG account if you want to follow along. @i.heart.blake
4. B is no longer going to dental school. 
This, to me, is the biggest, most exciting change! For as long as I have known B, he has said he is going to be a dentist. And to be 100% candid - it wasn't so much about cleaning people's teeth or a passion for cavities as it was the lifestyle and job security. However, as we approached the time to take the DAT and start applying - we both had several moments and feelings of "holy cow is this REALLY what you want to do?", it just didn't feel good - to either of us. But we had been planning on this for years!!! (!!!) We prayed a lot, we talked a lot (to each other and to our family and close friends), B made a list of things that are most important in life and we went to the temple. During our time of deciding what to pursue in life, we had a sliiiiightly bizarre experience in the temple one night while we were cleaning it. It 100% solidified the decision to not go to dental school and we haven't looked back since. You guys, it feels so good and right. It altered our next 4 years by 180 degrees. No dental school, no debt, we decided to settle into Utah and buy a house, and B has started his career in something that he's passionate about - business (more specifically Property Management). I'll admit, it was really scary changing our Plan A, especially when we didn't have a Plan B. But it's weird how life plays out and this time, it 100% worked to our advantage and we feel soooooooo lucky and blessed that we ended up where we did and that we're so happy about it. Plus he has to wear all these fancy clothes to work now and I basically LOVE him every time I see him leave and come home from work!  
5. We’ve officially been married for 4 years!
Which also marks my one year of not blogging (wah-wah-wahhhhh.) If you’re wondering, I still didn’t change my last name. CURSE ME AND MY LACK OF MAKING IT A PRIORITY. Anyway, 4 years has been so great and I think we’d both agree that this past year has been our best year, no doubt. Now, a tangent. When I was in college, I remember seeing a cute couple posting on Instagram saying it was their 3rd anniversary, and because I was a perfect product of the “Utah bubble”, I remember wondering why they didn’t have any kids yet! So, when I was posting about our 4th anniversary, I thought, “I bet people think we’re infertile or something!” To be honest, it has NEVER bothered me when people ask about our baby situation – I know it can be a sensitive subject to others because it’s “no one’s business”, but I think when people ask, it comes from a place of general curiosity (it’s human nature to just want to be informed!) So, here I am…informing you. We had lots of baby talks this year and we’re both warming up to the idea. So there you go J 

So there's the top 5 highlights of my life since last blogging. The new Facebook memories feature keeps showing me my old blog posts and it’s makes me so happy to go back and read them (and it's totally motivating me to blog more and continue to document my life.) So, I’m going to try so hard to keep journaling here on this little corner of the internet - even if it is just once a year!

Also, I changed the name of the blog to “sanfordandstuff.blogspot.com” because I got really scared that one day I’d forget to pay for the “onthereals.com” domain and lose everything. Plus, who wants to pay for a domain for the rest of their life when the “blogspot.com” is free?! Also, back in the day I totally thought that having a .com made me cool. But bringing back the blogspot.com actually felt really great. Like, "rik, your blog isn't going to make you famous and people won't judge you if you you don't have a legit domain and the real reason for this blog is to journal your life and honestly the  number of people who read it adds no real value and validation to your life" type of great. You feel me? I wish my college freshman self realized that. 

I'm over and out my friends! Hopefully we're both here before my 5 year anniversary :) 

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  1. I love your blog! And your testimony...and I know this was posted forever ago, but I was inspired by your blog and another girl's to start my own and it's so fun to document life by writing and photography. Thanks for your great example and outlook on life :)