September 12, 2011

I bet she felt like a movie star...

I can't believe that my best friend/sister is old enough to go to Homecoming.  I sometimes think she is still the little girl who used to watch me put on my makeup and press the pedals under the piano while I played because I was to short to reach them myself.  But she's all grown up now, dating boys and driving cars. Bizarre.

Her Homecoming date was Jordan Maw.
Her nail and eyebrow plucking specialist was the Mother.
Her fashion designer was Aubz.
Her hair and makeup artist was yours truly.
Her funds provider aka: money man, was the Father.
And the face and body that truly made everything look stunning belonged to the Nikster.

Check out my Dad creepin' in the window :)

Love you baby girl. I hope you felt like rockstar 'cause you sure looked like one.


  1. Ahhhhh!! She looks drop dead gorgeous!

  2. She looks AMAZING!!! Awe Nik is all grown up. Love you both!

  3. The way you ended that made me want to tear up.. I love it.