September 6, 2011

Miles and miles and miles.

I feel like I have been a traveling fool lately.  St. George, New York, Arizona, and Montana have all been visited by yours truly in the last 3 weeks.  Montana was a hit! One of my favorite vacations I've taken in a long time. It was so relaxing and nothing beats being with the family.

I took five bazillion pictures, so...I'm going to split up the days instead of having one huge post :)

Day One: State Fair...

The whole family felt sick after the long day at the fair. I think it was the huckleberry shakes, steak kabobs, potato chips, icecream, cotton candy, corn dogs, funnel cakes, hamburgers, fries, and stir fry noodles that made us sick. Ya think? Aaaaaand,  I'm ashamed to admit that we had multiple, yes multiple, of each item listed above. Mmmmm, it was a great day. Did I mention we rode movie star camels???


  1. What the movie star camels at the fair??? Glad ya ate a funnel cake for me-delish!

  2. I love the llama picture. you are turning into a little photography Rik! Love you! :)