September 8, 2011

Montana Madness Continued.

Aight playas, here's day two,  kinda mixed with day three....and the rest of the trip. I can't remember what happened on what day anymore, it's old news and my brain is filled with BYU educational type stuff now.

The days consisted of bailing hay, changing sprinklers, cooking meals, shooting guns, riding horses (but mostly trying to catch them), hiking, hair cuts, playing the piano, sleeping in, homework (insert frowny face here), and lots of other mindless activities. I spent some time wandering and exploring my grandparents ginormous piece of property with nothing but my camera and my thoughts to keep me company, it was so relaxing and TOTALLY NEEDED PEOPLE!

Hee hee....look at my mom try to jump on the horsie...

Okay, so I took Niki on a little exploring hike with me, and we came across this boat! So we turned it over, cleaned it out, and took it out onto the pond. We were so scared! The boat was so old, it was filled with bugs, and it weighed a ton! The pond was dirty, and neither of us know how to paddle very well (I don't think we knew that until we were already out on the pond and couldn't steer). BUT it ended up being so fun/hilarious. You should have seen us trying to pull it back up onto land. I know we look strong, but....we're not. It was hard.

We wanted to take my mom and Aubree out on the pond with us, so we went back the next day with them and snapped some pics.

And that basically sums up the trip. It was rad. So totally rad.

Just a side note...

I miss this handsome boy today.


  1. So, you look like the horse whisperer in that one pic. Also your mama looks seriously scary, like 007-style, shooting that handgun. Note to self, don't mess with Sunan! :) Fun times. xoxo