November 23, 2012

Happy Birthday lover boy!!

I guess it's no surprise when I say that I'm in love with Blake Edward Sanford!
And guess what?! 
Today is his 24th birthday! 
And guess where I am? 
In Romania! 
Not the fact that I'm in Romania...of course. 
Just the fact that I'm in Romania on his birthday...obviously.
So in honor of his birthday, I'll tell you a bunch of pointless things about me and him. Mostly him. 
What kind of girlyfriend would I be if I didn't do that?!
A bad one. 
The answer is, a bad one.

Some Randoms------>>

There is NEVER enough ketchup on B's burgers. I swear the thing could be jam packed in ketchup and he'd still dip it in more. Ketchup lover? Or just a habit? I have yet to decide.

He keeps all of his shoes in the shoe box they came in. He has STACKS of shoe boxes.

I can't sing in Sacrament with him or pray out loud at family dinners if he is there. I always get a bad case of the giggles. I don't know what it is, but it's no bueno. 

He loves to write letters. I have an entire binder full of surprise love letters from him. 

His closet is super organized.

English accent? Terrible.

He always finishes his food last. Kills me! But we can't decide if I'm just super fast at eating, or if he's just super slow.

Once we bought a fish together and named him Wiz. We decided to alternate weeks taking care of him starting with B. After Blake's week, I decided to make it HIS fish, instead of OUR fish. Sorry's not that I hate you, it's just that I hate fish. BUT I really want a dog. Unfortunately, B said I have to prove to him that I can take care of an animal by taking of Wiz for 3 WHOLE WEEKS! So either Wiz will once again become OUR fish. Or, we'll never get a dog. Or, Wiz might "accidentally" die in the first week under my care... making it possible for me to not take care of that dumb fish and still get a dog.

Some Funnies--->>

Once I was in my bathroom and he hid in my closet. When I walked into my room, he jumped out of the closet and it scared me so bad! I screamed so loud, stumbled backward and sat down on my bed. Except for, my bed wasn't behind me like I thought it was. So then I was completely off balance and continued to stumble backward until my back slammed into my window sill, I sprained my thumb trying to catch myself, scraped up my arm on the side of my bed, and then finally landed in a ball on the ground where I started to cry. Yes cry. I was so scared, I was in some serious pain, and I was supes embarrassed!  I just remember looking at B standing still with wide eyes. All he said was, "I'm so sorry. That was just supposed to be a 'haha. I scared you!'..type of moment".

 Once B and I were making out (sometimes I hesitate to say making I'll delete it and put "kissing" but we all know that "kissing" basically means "making out" so I decide to use "making out" anyway. Plus, I'm 20...20 year-olds make out all the time). As I was saying...we were kissing making out and he got a bloody nose! GROSS!!! After cleaning up [both] our faces, (like I said...gross), we decided to give making out a break. But then somehow we ended up kissing again. Figures. All of the sudden I feel something wet on my face... "freaking B! You have another bloody nose!", (double bloody nose? DOUBLE GROSS!). But he pulls back his face and realizes he doesn't have a bloody nose. Which only leaves one person. Me. I ran to the bathroom and low, and behold...I had a bloody nose. Freaking gross. What are the odds that we both would get bloody noses on the same night? We both died from embarrassment that night. But also died of laughter. So I'll call it a win.

Some Lovey Stuff---------->>

I'm so in love with this boy of mine. Somehow through our crazy lives, we became the best of friends. He really is the best person. His infectious personality is something that I have always craved being around. He makes me laugh every single day of my life! Not to mention the fairy tale type of love he gives. He makes me feel like the most beautiful and loved person in this world. I'm obsessed with every single thing about him.

So B,
Happy Birthday!
I wish I could be there with you today.
But thanks for supporting me while I'm here.
And thanks for loving me.
Even though I sometimes get makeup on your squeaky clean white shirts.
And fall asleep 5 minutes into every movie we watch.
And make you drive everywhere we go.
And beat you in chess all the time.
And eat all your food when I order something gross.
You're the coolest, and bestest, and funniest, and hottest, and most romantic person I know. 


xoxoxoxo, Riksie

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