November 19, 2012

No shame.

So....I got to see Breaking Dawn part 2 in Romania. I'm not sure why it came out so early here, but hey, not mad about that. 
I'm not going to lie...I loved it. 
Saw it two nights in a row. 
I know. 
I know. 
No shame. 
I think it was the fight scene.
Bella about to rip off Jacob's head.
The end meadow scene.
And the fact that both Bella and Edward looked like TOTAL babes (this movie did them wonders, admit it) that made me over look the cheesy lines, horribly fake baby, and Jasper's awkwardness (I wonder how much he gets paid for his one-liners and ability to stand there and do nothing in every scene...sign me up for that job ASAP or sooner!)

Go see it. 
You'll love it. 
Either because you're laughing at all the cheese...or thoroughly enjoying every second of it.
But either's love.

Also...why do people still say Team Jacob and Team Edward?
I'm like...dudes, she married Edward.
And she's a vampire. 
And vampires don't like werewolves.
And Jacob is a werewolf.
And Team Jacob ain't ever gonna win.
But if you enjoy being a loser...go Team Jacob!
At least you're going down with a sexy sexy Indian/werewolf boy. 
So I guess I can't blame you.

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  1. I have to admit, I saw it on opening night and it was pretty good!