November 10, 2012

Rambles from Romania.

I'm sitting here in my little apartment in Romania.
Writing papers and catching up on school work is supposed to be getting done. 
Lo and behold, here I am.

If you haven't been reading my Romania probably have no idea what's even going on in my life.
So as a gift from me to you, imma catch you up in one long run on sentence. 
You can thank me lates. 
I love my life here and I never want to leave because I get to work with the most precious angels in the entire world and most days they make me really happy but other days they make me want to cuddle up in my crappy bunk bed and cry my eyes out because I love them so much and they are experiencing the most sad and heartbreaking lives that make me look like the most disgustingly blessed person to ever live yet they are so happy and are so loving and give me big hugs and smiles all day and I've never been more happy/sad but my eyes have been opened to life and how important all of God's children are and I want to have 20 babies of my own and adopt 20 more so I can give them happy and blessed lives.

I leave here in 3 weeks. 
Can you believe that?
I remember having 3 weeks until I was leaving for Romania. 
Now I'm coming home and it's so bittersweet for me.

A part of me, a big part, never wants to come home. 
I literally have spent the last 2 months forgetting the busyness and stress of my life and devoting my time to serving those in need.
I have been so happy and I have been so blessed. 
Sometimes I get stressed just thinking about all the stuff that is waiting for me back in America. 
And not to mention my babies.
The thought of leaving them makes me cry.
I don't ever want that day to come.
I know I'm going to come home with a huge hole in my heart and I'm dreading that in every sense of the word. 

But there's also a big part of me that misses home. 
I miss my family. 
My friends. 
Playing the piano.
BYU (I knooooow! What the crizapp? No shame).
And especially that lover boy of mine. 
To avoid sugar coating, I'll be brutally honest.
Being away from B has been hard. 
Super hard. 
Emailing, texting, and Skyping is never enough.
I'm craving that kid in the flesh. 
And not just in the, "I can't wait to make out with him" kind of way (although I SERIOUSLY can't wait to make out with him :))
It's just been hard to hear about everything he's doing instead of experiencing everything with him. 
But bless the heavens for technology.
It's been enough to keep this little love of ours alive. 
Who ever said "distance makes the heart grow fonder" sure must have been a fan of understatements. 
I've never missed or loved someone so much in my entire life!

//Sneakily snapped this screen shot while we were skyping. Creepy I know...but since we're so in love I feel like I have FULL stalker rights. But that face! And those glasses! I die. //

You get it. 
Back to writing papers and wishing 3 weeks will never end and go by faster all at the same time. 
I never know what I want. 
I know. I know!
B informed me of that when I couldn't decide what colors I want for our wedding. 
Wait whaaaa?
Who knows.



  1. ok romania!? how stinkin cool! lucky lucky girl!

  2. Hi Rikki, how can I sign up for your blog I thought I was, but apparently not. I know what youre going through in a tiny way... I went to west Africa last year to spend a week with my Mom and Dad on a mission And though we were only there a week, we didn't do any touristy things, just spent time with the people and I felt exactly the same feelings you are feeling. So please, send me a link so I can read all about it This is Mary's mom

    1. I swear I added you! Something must have gotten messed up, I'm so sorry! Send me your email and I'll add you ASAP!

  3. Riki- What you've been doing is very selfless and beneficial. I read your blog and it just makes me cry to think of these poor little souls who are in these circumstances. Poland, to me is so many levels below the U.S., and then I see Romania and can't believe how they are so many steps below Poland. It's so hard to think about leaving, I know, just take comfort in the thought that there will always be someone to rock those little babies to sleep, even if we can't see them. God won't leave them.
    P.s. I love the look that Blake is giving you. It just says it all. Please Mary him so we can become related through marriage, through marriage:) ha ha.

  4. Oh miss totally forgot to mention how much you miss ME!!! Though of course, it's naturally implied. But sersly, your blog is EASILY a 3 out of 10 on the awesome scale, no question...nice work. Things are totally normal back in Utah. The snow is freakin' ridiculous, and the drivers are (believe it or not) even more so since the snow fall. I'm glad the kiddos like you over there and that you're learning a crap-ton about what really does matter in this life. Again, way to be sis...I almost (aaaaaaallllmost) lost faith in your toughness, but you somehow crawled out of the least-favorite-child spot into third with your "take-care-of-the-orphans-in-a-foreign-country-whildst-leaving-behind-first-class-accomodations" operation. I have to confess something much as you miss Blake, I don't hear a whole lot from him on how much he misses you.....and the fact that I never really see him can be completely disregarded. I CAN say with complete and total confidence that he misses you more than you miss him, hands down. No question. Shut up, it's true. See you in a few weeks sis, good work, nice job, you're awesome, etc. --Brother

  5. riki boo!
    first of all, sign me up for your romania blog already.
    secondly, i nominated you for a blog award, if you're interested... go to my blog and check out deets.

    1. Thanks Lover! You're the best!
      You've been officially added to the Romanian blog.