October 18, 2012

Oh Lachelly.

This beaut turned 21 today. 21! Can you believe that??

In honor of Lush, I'll tell you some cool things about her. 
Also included, for your enjoyment, are the ugliest pics of us....

Once, Lachelly asked me what the stuff is called that you floss your teeth with. 

Once, Lachelly didn't know if New Mexico was in the United States. 

Once, Lachelly lost a bet to me about what city she was born in. 

Once, Lachelly washed her car at a gas station with the gas pump thinking it was water. 

Once, Lachelly had to talk to our health teacher after class because she put "examine your testes monthy" on the question "What are 3 ways to take care of the female body". 

Once, Lachelly "double-spaced" a paper by putting two spaces in between each word instead of between each line. 

Once, Lachelly thought frozen dinners were all dinners that you ate while they were still frozen. 

Once, Lachelly signed her name on her drivers license and completely spelled her last name wrong. 

Once, Lachelly was scared to marry a black person because the right side of their baby would be all white, and the other half would be all black. 

Once, Lachelly asked how water bottles get cold in the fridge if they have their lids on.

Once, Lachelly asked what the time difference from St. George to Provo was.

And guess what else?

Once, Lachelly cleaned my whole room as a surprise because I was stressed with finals.

Once, Lachelly bought me tickets to a New York Giants game.

Once, Lachelly came home from New York for a vacation and COMPLETELY surprised me.

Once, Lachelly dyed my hair for me.

Once, Lachelly shared a bed with me for a whole summer.

And lastly...

 Lachelly lets me wear and borrow her clothes.

Lachelly tells me how cool I am, or how stupid I'm being.

Lachelly is the best cleaner.

Lachelly is the best with kids.

 Lachelly is the most thoughtful person.

 Lachelly makes me laugh.

and Lachelly is my BEST FRIEND!!!!

I'm seriously you guys.

I love her so much.

Wish her a Happy Birthday, won't ya?


  1. i love her too!!!!

  2. Hahahahaha. I think I was dying of laughter. Such a good girl :)