September 18, 2012

I miss this kid.

 Just came across all these pics on my computer.
They made me smile.
Can you say struggle city???

Don't get me wrong. 
I love loooooove it. 
Maybe some quality snuggle time
and a few maybe a lot  of kisses every night from this boy would make Romania 
that. much. better.

Sure do miss my B-man.


  1. OH MY GOSH! i am so in love with you two its disgusting. I am living through you two. i have to tell you babe, you guys are exactly what i want in love. The way you are together, the passion you have for each other, the respect, sincere love, best friendship, companionship, honesty, loyalty, chemistry, and even more. for real you are the greatest examples to me in every single way. i am so happy we are friends. please be safe my dear!!! <3 you more than you know!