September 10, 2012

Rome day dos

Kids. I'm supes tired.
I feel like I have done a months worth of stuff in a week. 
How many steps have I taken?
Enough to walk across the ocean. 
And back! 
But hey. I'm soaking up every second of it.
Today? Spanish Steps and The Vatican.

We're all soooo sick of taking pictures.
And smiling in them.
So we goofed off today. 
It might also be due to the fact that we found ourselves in another, yes another...
prepare yourself...
a Museum.

  //Sistine Chapel//

 //St. Peter's Basilica//

Dear B. 
Sorry about the pic with a hot italian boy. 
But he was BEGGING me to take one with him.
So I had to. 



  1. Miss Riki - I'm obsessed with your blog!! keep posting, facebooking, instagramming all of it......I'm living my life subliminally through you, so keep it up - missing you however quite badly! Don't forget to look up the Olympian from Romania - pretty sure B won't mind that either :)

  2. Oh, I think the word is "vicariously"....what evs! p.s. saw you were wearing my jeans in one of your! now I'm going to go wear a pair of your shoes :)- loves!