September 9, 2012

Florence is the place for love.

Is Florence the place for love? 
Who knows. 
But according to the wall graffiti it is. 

We saw the Statue of David. 
Um. Hello?
I'm not one for artsy stuff and naked statues. 
But David is my home boy!
Loved it. Seriously. I loved it. 
Way bigger than I expected. And just uh....amazing. 
I wanted soooo badly to sneak a pic.
But I felt bad. 

Next stop. Top of the bell tower. 
Paid 6 Euro to climb 414 steps.
After some serious calf burnage, we made it to the platform.

Cheered so loud when we made it to the platform.
Walking up flights of stairs. 
No bueno. 
You know what else it no bueno?
Realizing there are more stairs after the celebrating and muscle pics have taken place. 
Like 300 more stairs. 
and 3 more platforms. 
But we made it.
To the very top this time. 
 So worth it. 

Went to Ponte Vechio Bridge.
Who knows. 

Not a fan of being in these pics.
No make up or hair-doing is going strong and I'm loving every second of it. 
However...the sweat and "roll outta bed" look are killin my pics!
I'm doing this for you dad....doing it for you. 
"Get in the pic or you might as well just buy a postcard" -David Laws (possibly altered by me)

Also hit the Ufizzi Museum. 
Oh what up one of the most famous museums in the world?!
Sounds cool right?
Sorry to say it...but a museum is a museum.
Famous or not. 
Still not my thaaang. 
First one through. Everytime. 
Luckily Julia shares the same passion for museums as I do. 
Obviously there are some sweet pieces of art in there. 
My humanities class basically came to life.
But 3 hours?
How does one possibly spend 3 hours in there?

Finished the night with an Italian Opera.
 We all fell asleep at some point.
Don't hate. 
The days are packed and we're all pooped.

Next stop...Siena.


  1. I like your version better. Thanks for getting in the pictures. Having an awesome time reading about your awesome adventure. Keep it up. Love you.

  2. Beautiful pics and a bit jealous of the gelato! :)