September 9, 2012

The prettiest place in all the land.

Siena is my favorite. 
My absolute favorite. 
We spent our time eating while overlooking the city.
Buying gelato and finding places to overlook the city.
Talking on our hotel balcony while overlooking the city.
and basically overlooking the city. 

We wandered the city too...

But I think one of my favorite memories of all of Italy will be sitting on my bed in Siena at night. 
The balcony doors open. 
Writing in my journal.
The city below me.
Listening to people play music on the streets. 
Kids playing soccer.
Without the noisy noise of a million tourists. 
It's how I have always imagined Italy to be. 

I didn't want to leave my hotel balcony. 
Not for one single second. 

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  1. Bobby this is amazing. Thanks for blogging it so I can vicariously feel like my life is cool and adventurous. And if you don't add me to your Romania blog.... well I don't know what will happen but just do it, ok?