September 11, 2012

There's no place like rome...

I brought Toms to wear around Italy. 
However, I didn't break them in before I left. 
Killlllled my feet the first day I wore them. 
So I resorted to my good ol' red vans. 
Dorthy style.
Enjoy my trip through Italy. 
Via vans. 

Museums. Crowds. Famous stuff. Stairs.
You name it. 
Vans did it. 
Special thanks to J Jules and Becca Baby for taking pics.
I couldn't have done it without them.


Made it to Romania literally 30 minutes ago. 
It's great.
Can't wait to tell you all about it!!!
Romanian blog starts tomorrow...check there for updates. 
Okie dok?!

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  1. i love all these pictures; and so jealous of your adventures