September 6, 2012

New day, new city.

Spent the morning in Venice. I freaking love that place. 
First major purchase...genuine italian leather bag. 
Side note: I hate euros. 
The exchange rate is a joke. 
Literally paid a service fee of 18 euros yesterday. 
That's over $20.00
But I had no monies to spend. 
So I had to do it. 

Then we said adios to pretty pretty Venice and made our way to Florence. 
Jenna didn't want to pay for a water bus to get to the train station, and of course she can't go alone! Duh. 
So I went with her. 
We lugged our luggage all over the city. 
We have a ton, a TON! of luggage. 
And there's like a TON of stairs.
 No bueno.

I took off my backpack when we got to the station and asked Julia if she could see my back sweat.

"Ya I can. 
And your shoulder sweat. 
And your armpit sweat."

But we made it. 
And we're 7 euros richer than everyone else. 
Hot dang. 

Trains are awesome. 
Neck pillows are probably more awesome though.
That thing has been a life savor the whole trip.

And Amanda and Julia.
We tend to migrate to each other. Like allll the time. 

Anywho...we made it to Florence late last night. 
It's no Venice...but it's absolutely amazing! 

Check out the elevator to our hotel. 

It's sketchy. 
But sketchy is cool.
You're not adventurous if you're not doing sketchy stuff. 
Right Mom?!

Can't wait to show you pics from today.
Italy is like the coolest place you could ever be.

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  1. I would love to hit Venice someday! So awesome for you!!!