July 29, 2014

Camping, what whaaaat?

Oh hey there!
There's so much to catch up on. 
Lots of exciting things have been going on around here and I'm excited to tell you all about them.
But first? camping. 
We decided to go with our friendies, Mitchy and Meg and it was basically last minute and not exactly planned. 
(side note: I know I've never mentioned Mitchy and Meg on the blog, ever. #friendfail
But we do stuff with them all the time and we love them so much. so much!) 
But anyway, camping we went. and it was insane pretty, and just crazy amounts of fun. 
The only mishap we had was someone, someone! maybe B, but who knows ;)…forgot the poles to the tent. (I know…in the video I say "stakes" but he really forgot the poooooles).
I was convinced we were sleeping under the stars for the night with our pole-less tent acting as a nice mattress or something. 
But luckily, Blakers whipped out some sweet problem-solving/caveman skills and with the help of Mitch, a tow rope, sticks, and the Jeep, we had a tent! and we slept like kings. 
Haha jk. *please see end of video for a glimpse into how B felt about sleeping*
You also get a sneak peek of B's morning personality. He's never angry, nope!…just pretty much, silent. 
hahaha it makes me laugh. Conversations in the morning are basically nonexistent in the Sanford house.  
Once Mitch slept over at our house and he and I had a nice conversation over cereal the next morning before B woke up. It felt so weird talking to someone so much in the morning!
Anyway…hope you enjoy these piccys and video. 
And I hope your Monday has been rockin'. 
I always think of this quote on Mondays…
"if Monday were a shoe, it'd be a croc." HA! so true. 
and B's been in class all night.
So, you know…if summer school were a shoe, it'd also be a croc. Like a throw-up green colored croc.

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