July 22, 2014

my blakers.

My last post was about B. 
Sorry to say it, but this one is too. 
It's just that I'm overly in love these days. 
I think it's partly due to the fact that our mattress is still in our living room, (it's been like, a month and a half). How can you have a slumber party with your boyfriend for 6 weeks straight and not be crushing hard core? 

And also because we've stayed up till 3am the last 2 nights playing Dr. Mario...don't get me started on how much we love it...it's like re-discovering an old pair of pants that you love and wearing them for the next 20 days straight. Am I alone here?? Also, I never stay up past midnight, and he's such a night owl. He was so happy that I was awake with him! He kept kissing me on the cheek and putting his arm around me tight and saying, "thanks for staying up to hangout with me baby, this is so fun!" Makes me want to stay up with him till 3am every night! psyche. I just can't. Just physically can not.

And also because he's so cuddly these days, he always wants to CUDDLE! Like, what? Am I ever gonna be ticked about that? no.

And because he went and saw The Fault In our Stars with me. And we held a 20 minute grown-up conversation all about the deeper meanings found in the movie. (Afterwards we were like, "Whoa! that was deep!"... Then we ignored our messy house and went straight to our living room for a slumber party like the real adults that we are). 

Thanks for being so cool, Blakers.
You're a 10 for 10 kinda guy.
And your wifey is smitten.
 (insert thumbs up emoticon).


  1. You guys are cute. Your new blog look is cute. So. much. cute. Love you both!

    1. Aye! it's nothing like yours ( i need your skillz!) but thanks baby, loooove you!

  2. I agree. slumber parties are the BEST.

    Sarah Jane


    1. minus the fact that our living is never, ever put together! But other than that...totally the best!

  3. You are just the cutest. And I love your face. Xo