July 9, 2014

you so hot.

B and I went to Nielson's Grove last night and I snapped these piccys. 
like, WHUT?!
Helloooo, swoon city.
He melts my heart.
it's liquid, basically...all the time.

It's great because when B and I were friends, I thought he was super attractive.
Then we dated, and he for sure was the hottest man alive.
And then we got married, and I just. can't. even.

Multiple times a week I catch myself smitten.
He's so hot and sexy to me.
I love every part of Blake Sanford.
He's such a good person, like truly truly a good person.
This man wouldn't hurt a fly. 
(sometimes I get angry at him because I want the house bugs dead...not carried out all nicely and then softly placed in the yard...mmmkay pumpkin?!)
But knowing and getting to know him inside out just makes him more attractive to me.
Gosh I love him soooooo much!

Imagine in 50 years when I know him 50 years better.
We'll be so old and wrinkly and weird looking.
But in my old lady mind I know I'll look at B on the daily and just be like,
 "daaayyyyuuummmm boy!! you so hot."

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  1. This is the cutest thing ever!!! :) I love it.


    1. Haley, thank you! And thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your blog is darling!! I am so happy I came across it! quick question... what font do you use in your blog posts? it is SO cute!!

    1. Hey Court, thanks so much! I just use josefin sans...it can be found through customizing your blog via blogger. It doesn't have to be downloaded and coded and all that crap! (Hallelujah!)