October 20, 2014

California with B-man.

There is seriously (seriously) nothing I love more than going on vacations with B.
I've always been the kind of person that has things scheduled, and being late is a no-no, and no way am I gonna NOT have a plan. 
But then I married Mr. Chill over here and my life has never been better. 
Do I still schedule my life? You know it. 
But do I die if I'm 5 minutes late to church? No way Jose.

So what I'm saying is this. 
Vacations with Lover Boy are just spur of the moment and we do whatever the heck we want, whenever the heck we want.
Sometimes it backfires.
Like, we shouldn't have tried to get tickets to the Dodgers vs. Angels game 5 minutes before it started. Ya...we didn't end up seeing that one.
And we eat way too late at night because we don't think about getting food until we're starving and neglect to remember wait times (argh!).
But mostly it is just pure bliss.
We wake up when we want to, sleep on the beach till we're bored, eat as much icecream as we want, shop till we drop, cruise around and find celebrity houses while jamming to music, buy cool boogie boards because B is a professional, and eat all the peach samples at the farmers markets so we don't actually have to buy a peach. (is that legal?! or ethical?! Like, can you sample all the icecream at cold stone and leave without actually buying any cold stone?!)

Buuuut ya.
B and I always try to make it to California for a few days in the summer. 
It's our favorite place and makes us happier people!!
So it's 100% necessary. 
Necessary like how dry shampoo is necessary.

And side note: I cooked tonight.
Like boiled my own potatoes and mashed them, type of cooking. 
I'm so proud of myself I could die.
And when B got up and got serving number two, I acted like it was no big thaaaang. But inside...hello hallelujah chorus of 50,000 angels singing.

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  1. You guys are cute!! This is exactly how D and I do vacation!!